Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Beginnings

I've done the blog thing before.

The Miranda Gift isn't really a "blog" and, as such, I don't expect I'll be writing often, if at all. This is a place to share information about The Miranda Gift. However, I'm sure many people who followed my story on Sad and Chara may want to know what I've been up to after my last entry there.

Life has been busy since early 2012. I left the workforce, rejoined the workforce, got laid off, got hired, got laid off again, etc. In the middle of all that I have been able to:
  • start scholarships in memory of Sara and Miranda
  • award said scholarships at the end of each semester
  • attend a semester of classes in Biblical Studies at Spring Arbor University
  • get married
  • move 
  • have a couple babies with my new bride, Kristi, who is an absolutely amazing and wonderful gift from God--Josiah, Zachariah, and their older brother, Emerson, get along fabulously.

My boys. They are generally happier than they look here. :)
My family. :)

Time still plays its tricks, days go by slowly but the past still seems like it's right there around the corner, just a few steps away. This isn't the life I would have chosen, but it's the one I am living. And I choose to find beauty in the ashes, strength in my brokenness, joy in my family, and victory in my Savior.

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