If you would like to join me in giving a Miranda Gift on February 5, here is how I celebrate her birthday:
  1. Buy a birthday card, with an envelope, for a child.
  2. Add a gift of either cash or a gift certificate. The amount is up to you and is less important than the fact that you are being purposefully generous to a stranger.
  3. Add a note to the inside of the card referencing The Miranda gift. Here is an example:"This Miranda Gift has been given to you because you have value, just because you exist. It is given in memory of Miranda Evangelene Cole. Visit" *
  4. Seal the envelope and write "A gift for you and/or your child" on the front of it.
  5. Find a way to give this gift to a random stranger, someone you don't know who doesn't know you. Sneak it into the cart of a frazzled mother at the grocery store. Give it to a dad who looks completely lost trying to keep track of his toddler on the playground. Drop it off at a local shelter for abused women. Stop a pregnant woman at a maternity store and insist that you saw it fall out of her purse. Be creative...find a way. :) And try to be an anonymous as you possibly can.
* Your Miranda Gift does not have to be given in memory of Miranda, you can choose to honor anyone you wish with any sentiment you wish. However, I would ask that you include the web address for The Miranda Gift ( in your card.